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hanger 2 - Hanger 2

Hanger 2

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Hanger is back! Swing like Spider-Man through the new levels! Hanger is a ragdoll swinging game with awesome physics!…
hanger 1 - Hanger 1

Hanger 1

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Hanger is a ragdoll swinging game with awesome physics! Swing as far as you can but be careful not…
spiders - Spiders


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Spiders is easy to play but tough to master game. You need to pass through the blocky area by…
Swing Rider 662x335 - Swing Rider

Swing Rider

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Exciting adventure through the city. One-tap easy-to-learn controls, cool animation and very simple addictive game-play mechanics.
Spidey Swing 662x335 - Spidey Swing

Spidey Swing

1 22
Spidey Swing is a thrilling adventure game. You can finish different levels with the spiderman in the game. The…
Spider Robot Warrior Robot Spider 662x335 - Spider Robot Warrior Robot Spider

Spider Robot Warrior Robot…

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Hey guys, I find a cool 3D Spiderman shooting game Spider Robot Warrior Robot Spider, let’s see that! You…
Spider Man Mysterio Rush 662x335 - Spider Man Mysterio Rush

Spider Man Mysterio Rush

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Mysterio has unleashed a hallucinogenic gas over New York. The town is under complete anarchy now! Cross the streets…
Spider Man Web Shooter 662x335 - Spider Man Web Shooter

Spider Man Web Shooter

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Spider-Man Web Shooter is another great game in Spider-Man series. Protect the innocent from being robbed by his evil…
Subway Spider Kid 662x335 - Subway Spider Kid

Subway Spider Kid

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When new evils come to this city, you will punish them with Spider-Man. Subway Spider Kid is a challenging…
Spider Man Hazards at Horizon High 1 662x335 - Spider Man Hazards at Horizon High

Spider Man Hazards at…

0 35
This is a fun, point-and-click adventure game where you play as Peter Parker. Fight your enemies with superhero Spider-Man.…
Spiderman Masked Missions 662x335 - Spider Man Masked Missions

Spider Man Masked Missions

0 28
A new kind of Spiderman emerges. You can play as Miles – a male spiderman or Gwen – a…
Spider Fly 662x335 - Spider Fly

Spider Fly

0 19
Spider Flying Adventures. Fly, jump, and crash all sort of magic enemies. Upgrade your spider superhero and reach all…
Spider Man Laboratory Lockdown 662x335 - Spider Man Laboratory Lockdown

Spider Man Laboratory Lockdown

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Help spiderman stop Doc Ock, Vulture, and Green Goblin in Laboratory Lockdown. The villains have taken over Horizon Labs…
Spider Man Mysterios Menace 662x335 - Spider Man Mysterio’s Menace

Spider Man Mysterio’s Menace

0 25
The evil master of Illusion uses his skills to change NEW YORK into his personal sinister amusement park. But…
Spider Hero Street Fight 1 662x335 - Spider Hero Street Fight

Spider Hero Street Fight

0 22
Spider Hero Street Fight is a amazing 3D graphic fighting game. Take control of Spider-man as he roam the…